Teach and Learn from Simple Quiz Questions on Quizziz


The world and learning have become digital now and in the modern scenario, the students need digital education. Technology has emerged with a fantastic and free quiz maker app Quizizz for the students which can be accessed from Android, iOS and web browsers.

In this app, you can get access to various virtual quizzes. The Teacher can pick up one quiz or create their own and send the code to the Students. The teacher can then see the real-time results of each player.

It is better if you have Google classroom which students can join using their Gmail account. This will be an easy and time-saving way. With this, you get a notification when the student finishes an assignment along with their responses and grades.

Help Students Learn from Quizizz Quizzes

A Quiz can be related to any topic that serves different purposes of teaching. It conducts student paced quizzes in a fun and engaging way. You can easy learn and create quizzes with this online tool and teach students of any age.

Quizizz is responsive which provide accurate results and performance check and feedback. This tool is a library of quizzes with millions of quizzes available publicly.

The Quizizz provides memes section which can be displayed when a student answer a question. These memes can be customized with images of school or game charterers or whatever you want.

Quizizz uses a different approach and does not require any projector to see the questions. You can view the questions and answer them through your device.

Students cannot cheat with Quizizz where the questions are randomized. This quiz is designed to be answered individually and is player-paced app.

If you host a game, you can track live results. This app gives you access to have a check on the attempted questions too. There are eight game settings available which you can customize according to your requirement.

How to use Quizizz Learning

  • Create an account from Quizizz webiste.
  • You can create your own quiz or can choose from the featured quizzes.
  • To create your own quiz, select Create.
  • Enter the name for the quiz, choose an image icon and language.
  • Make the quiz public or private.
  • Select grade range, topic, subject and add tags.
  • Fill the questions, set the criteria and hit Finish.
  • Set a code which students to enter the Quiz.
  • Students can access the quiz by visiting the site and entering the code.
  • Once the student is done with the quiz, you can view the result.

This has a straightforward layout and lets you follow a sequential step in Quiz making. This is a great tool to access the intellect and performance of each students.

It is also possible to add deadline for quizzes for timely completion. You can also do live Presentations, Polls and Surveys through Quizizz.

For students, there is no need to register or sign up. They can simply perform the test by entering the code.

There are many quizzes and answers from Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Languages, and General knowledge topics available on Quizziz. You can explore potential evaluation of every student with Quizizz.

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