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Saturn Schedule

Saturn is a time-based social network. We’ve built a calendar that is beautiful, simple, and social. Then we added your friends. Saturn simplifies chaotic high school schedules by connecting students with the people and information that matter most. The app helps students keep track of where they need to be and when. Students can also share their schedules with their friends to see who’s in their classes and when their friends are free.

Saturn helps you manage your time so you can spend it doing things you love with the people who matter most. See what friends are doing in real-time, chat with them, organize events, and share schedules all in one place.

Saturn Features

  • Live View: keeps you up to date on where you need to be
  • Schedule Sharing: Keep tabs on your friends and what they’re up to
  • Chat: We recently launched messaging, so you can chat with your friends, classes and groups
  • Tasks: Manage your to-dos and assignments all in one place
  • Lunch Waves: See who is in your lunch and quickly get in touch to make plans to meet up
  • Secure Community: Use your school-provided Google or Microsoft account to log-in
  • Notifications: Get notified with calendar updates throughout your day, never be late for class again

Saturn was created by students who wanted to make it easier to stay organized in high school. University of Pennsylvania classmates Dylan Diamond and Max Baron launched Saturn in the fall of 2018.

High school schedules are unnecessarily complicated. They founded Saturn to provide students with a simple and intuitive solution that helps students navigate the complexities of their day-to-day calendar. We keep students organized and connected so they can focus on the things that matter most.

Saturn is based in NYC, and has an amazing team focused on improving the way people keep time. We’re a group of young entrepreneurs, and we’re hiring, check out our job postings here. We’re really excited to grow the Saturn team.

Saturn is a platform for students, created by students. It is community-specific, meaning that your calendar is tied to the classes offered at your school, and cannot be viewed by any student outside of your school.

To verify you attend your school, we check your school email address after you download the Saturn app. Once verified, you can easily login and complete our simple onboarding process to add your classes from a list of the courses offered at your school.

Our real-time calendar view helps you monitor your schedule, and follow your friends’ schedules as well – with permission, of course! Every student can make their schedule private with a single tap.

As the app continues to grow with your support – we’re developing new features to make your days easier to manage and to give you new, exciting ways to connect and share with other members of your school community.

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