Scene Plus Loyalty Program for Reward Tickets

Scene Plus is a popular loyalty program that rewards its members with points for their movie-watching habits. Members can earn points when they purchase movie tickets, rent movies, or buy concessions at participating theaters.

To become a Scene+ member, users need to register with Scene by creating an account on their website or through their mobile app. Once registered, members can access their Scene membership number, which they need to present at the theater to earn and redeem points.

Scene Plus at IGA

To participate in Scene Plus at IGA, members simply need to present their Scene card at the time of purchase. They can then earn bonus points for each qualifying product they purchase, which will be automatically added to their account.

Scene Plus offers a great way for members to earn even more points and rewards while shopping for their groceries. Many IGA stores also offer a wide range of fresh produce, meat, and bakery items that are locally sourced and of high quality.

In addition to earning points through their movie-watching activities, Scene members can also earn bonus points by completing various promotional offers that are periodically available on the Scene Plus website or app.

Members can redeem their points for rewards such as movie tickets, concessions, and merchandise, which can be claimed either in-person at participating theaters or online through the Scene website or app.

For added security and convenience, Scene Plus members can access their Scene card through Face ID or Fingerprint Touch on their mobile devices.

Overall, Scene+ offers a convenient and rewarding loyalty program for movie lovers who enjoy visiting participating theaters.

How to get Scene Plus Card

Members can request Scene cards for themselves or their family members by creating an account on the Scene website or app. However, there is a limit to the number of cards that can be requested per account.

Once a Scene card is requested, it usually takes a few weeks for the card to arrive at the registered address. However, members can also use their digital Scene card through the Scene app, which allows for quick and easy access to their Scene card and points balance.

One of the benefits of the Scene Plus program is that points do not expire as long as the member’s account remains active.

While some members may already earn Scene points through their Scotia Bank card, they may also need a Black Scene Card to fully participate in the Scene program and access all of its benefits.

By requesting Scene cards and participating in the program, members can enhance their movie-going experience and enjoy exclusive perks and benefits.

Save more with Scene Plus and Rakuten

Linking a Scene Plus and Rakuten account is a simple process that can be completed on either platform.

Once the accounts are linked, members can earn Sceneplus points for their purchases on Rakuten, as well as access exclusive offers and discounts.

To get the most out of the Scene+ and Rakuten partnership, members should make sure to link their accounts and use Rakuten for their online shopping needs. By doing so, they can earn Scene points while enjoying the convenience and savings of online shopping.

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