The Upside App for Unlimited Cashback

Upside App Cashback

Upside formerly known as GetUpside is a cashback app for your purchases at Groceries, Restaurants and Gas filling.

You can use a debit or credit card to make payments for Upside offers and rewarded with cashbacks.

How to use the Upside App

Register for an account on Upside. Before making the purchase, you need to claim the offer first. Then only you are eligible for the cashback. So open the Upside App and claim the required offer first.

Make the purchase and do Upside in-app directions at the payment counter. If you don’t have time or forget to do the in-app directions, it is also possible to scan the receipt and upload it to Upside.

The earnings you made using Upside can be redeemed through Paypal, bank transfer or you can use these points to purchase e-gift card.

It is also note that some offers, Upside needs the receipt to be uploaded. So it is better to keep the purchase receipt with you itself. The uploaded receipt will be verified with the merchant and once it is processed, you will receive an e-mail.

The My history option in Upside will show the previously claimed offers on your account. The Trustpilot gives mixed reviews of Upside. There are not working and down issues with Upside which have been solved by Upside itself.

Upside App is available for Android and iPhone users. The Upside cashback is not having any expiry and you can use the cashback at any time.

The digital payment methods like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Apple Card, Google Pay, Shell Drive for Five, and Dasher Direct are available on participating merchants on Upside.

The Upside wallet can be used to store your cards for instant and frequent use.

Be Wise while using Upside App

Like any other offers and cashback programs, you need to understand what the offer is and how to claim it. You need to read what are the terms and conditions before immediately go for the offer and purchase.

When seeing an offer, check whether the offer is available on the store located on your store. It may happen the offer is given by same merchant but on different location.

The offers on Upside is limited. So it is wise to claim the offer, if you sees a better offer. Otherwise it will be claimed by others and you cannot have the chance. You can claim upto 5 offers from different categories.

The payments methods like Cash, prepaid credit card, prepaid debit card, gift cards, and EBT are not eligible for Upside offers.

While uploading the purchase receipt, make sure it is clear and readable. Otherwise the receipt will be rejected and you may loose the cashback.

In some cases you may lost the purchase receipt. In such cases, you can share the details like card last 4 digits, type and screenshot of your card statement to claim the cashback without having receipt.

You can contact the Upside customer service team on for the issues while using Upside.

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