Feel the Love of Greeting Cards through Felt App

Felt Greeting Cards

Gifts are always unique, it can be anything. But it become more special if you have done something with your effort on the gift. You may go to a store and buy gifts for your loved ones. That isn’t an extraordinary thing.

But how about a card with a handwritten note? Everybody will enjoy such a gift. The Felt App is here to help you bring a smile on your loved one’s face through handwritten cards.

It is a very simple app. You can pick your favorite cards, and the app lets you to write a note using your fingers or a stylus. It will then print the note, seal it, stamp it and mail the card to your friends or family. All this will be done within 24 hours.

Send Cards with your Own Style

Your card can be a combination of your favorite designs and photos. The Felt app library provides a vast range of designer cards and photos for you to choose from.

You can write anything you want on the card. If you are not confident enough in your handwriting, you can type your message and sign your name. You can also design the envelopes too. Functions in Felt Writing Toolkit includes,

  • Palette with Favorite Colors.
  • Guidelines for Neat Writing.
  • Pen Styles – Technical & Ballpoint.
  • Type Tool for Designer Fonts.
  • Move Writing and Lasso Tool.
  • Undo and Redo option.

You may feel that a handwritten card isn’t sufficient. Don’t worry! Felt App provides the provision for sending gifts too. There are two decadent Neuhaus Chocolate boxes in the current catalog of the app. 16 Belgian chocolate truffles in different flavors and decorations is what you give in the first box.

You can gift a 1/4 lb ballot in box containing eight milk, dark, and white chocolate pralines wrapped in very romantic red designs by selecting the second box. Both the boxes are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts.

It will take 2 days or same day for the gifts to be shipped. Your card will be safely tucked inside the gift box. International shipping is also available for all cards.

You will have to pay an extra $1 for international shipping. It will take about 7 to 10 days to deliver the cards internationally from the time the card is mailed.

Save More with Felt Pro Plan

You can send a card starting from $4. There are larger cards too. You will have to pay $1 for each additional panel. If you subscribe to the Felt Plus plan, you can send three cards a month for $6.

By subscribing to the Felt Pro plan, you can send unlimited cards at 40% off, which means you just have to pay $2.40 instead of $4 for each card.

This plan starts at $15. You will get custom branded cards or personal stationery for this subscription plan. You also get a chance to get free Felt Stylus with this plan.

Felt Credit Packs are another option to get a discount through the Felt app. You can get 25% off retail pricing through these cards. For each credit pack you purchase, you will get a extra value of $1.

A great benefit of credit pack is that the credits will never expire. You can use these credits to purchase cards. But you will not be able to buy gifts through them.

You may have lots and lots to say on your card. Felt app provides you all the possibilities to express your love and gratitude. There is a whole new kind of card in the app that can be completely customized according to your wish. You can send up to four card panels.

In the card, you can include your design, your favorite drawing, or stickers. You can have all things you wanted to be expressed on your card. Felt App will be at your fingertip till the point your gift reaches safely. It will help you to stay on track and gift the package on time.

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