Skrill Money Transfer for Safe and Secure Transactions

Skrill Money Transfer

Skrill is an online money transferring portal widely used by many people and Businesses. It offers affordable fees and attractive exchange rate. Skrill digital wallet provides safe and secure transaction and can be also used to receive payouts.

There are more than 40 currencies supported on Skrill. To send money to another country, you need the beneficiary name, account details and the address of recipient.

You can only send money after completing the verification of your identity by Skrill. You need to provide your personal information, Identity card, and give answers to the security question.

Steps to Transfer Money using Skrill

  • Login to Skrill account from Skrill website.
  • From your account, click Send and select Skrill Money Transfer.
  • Enter the amount to transfer.
  • Select the recipient and confirm.
  • Verify the confirmation summary.
  • Select the payment method and click pay.
  • The payment will be processed within 24 hours.

It is possible to enter the receiving money which you want the recipient to be received. The sending amount will change automatically when you enter the receiving money.

After sending money, it is possible to cancel the payment within 2 hours of time. Whenever a transaction is failed or canceled, the money will be refunded to the original payment method.

The Skrill Basic account helps you to transfer money with some limits. But after providing additional details, you account will get upgraded and limits on your Skrill account will be removed.

There are two ways you can verify your location details. You can allow the current location access to provide the address or manually upload the document which shows the details of your address. After the verification, you will be notified through the e-mail address.

The Skrill Business account can only registered in the name of a company. A representative from the company must also registered and the transactions can only done under the representative’s name or the company’s name.

In Skrill, you can see the breakdown of charges and rates before the transaction. You can send money and receive money between Skrill for free. You need to do at least one transaction in a year to keep your account active. Otherwise there will be service fee of $5 charged monthly from the funds on your account.

The money in your Skrill account can be transferred to your registered bank account on $5.50 charges. You need to do a minimum of $10 withdrawal and the funds will be deposited to the bank with 2 to 5 business days.

Skrill Visa Prepaid Card

Skrill card is a prepaid VISA card which is linked with Skrill wallet. The Skrill card can be applied from your account and you can receive within 5 to 10 business days. After receiving the Skrill card, you can activate it from your account and set a 4-digit PIN.

You can instantly access the funds in your account, withdraw cash from ATMs and shop from online or offline stores anywhere the VISA card is accepted.

The Skrill Payment Solution provides a referral program which offers reduced money transferring fees. You can share your referral code to your friends and family and they need to register Skrill account using the referral link.

After validation, you and your friend will receive transfer credits for the money transfer which can be used at the time of next money transaction.

The Skrill service is widely used and trusted. You can read the reviews of Skrill from Trustpilot website and other review websites. Skrill payment service is available in most of the countries.

If you need help from Skrill experts, you can generate a Caller ID code from Contact Us section which helps to easy identify you for faster support.

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