Watch Sky Live TV and Programs from Sky Go App

Sky Go App

Sky TV customers are no longer limited to their TV screens to watch their favorite shows. The Sky Go App will help to watch the TV on your fingertips. You can watch your favorite shows from Sky Go app and use the Sky TV guide to know upcoming shows and TV schedules.

Sky Go App also comes with some brownie points where you can enjoy personalized recommendations and easily switch between compatible mobile devices.

It helps you to stream your favorite channels which includes free-to-air favorites like ITV and Channel 4. The Sky Go service is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland.

Features of Sky Go App

Sky Go Service is included as a part of your Sky TV subscription package, hence no extra cost to use the Sky Go application. When you are watching a series, it will switch to next episode soon after current one completes.

Based on your watch history, you will receive program recommendations and suggestions. Sky Go App is also available for devices like Xbox, PlayStation, Fire TV, Auf TV, Android, Windows and Chromecast.

Under Sky Go Extra subscription you also have Sky Q customer features on Sky Go App. In order to use this service, you should be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Sky Q Box connected and also your plan should include Sky Q Multi-screen subscription.

In case your main TV is being used by the guests or your kids, you don’t need to worry as you can stream your favorite shows from this application.

With Sky Q feature, you can pause shows on your Sky Go TV and then pick up program where you left from your mobile device. You can also download recordings which can be carried along and watch them offline on Sky Go App. The On Demand contents in Sky Go app have subtitles but the audio descriptions will not be available.

The Parental Control option helps to set Sky Device PIN for restrict adult contents. For this you need to create a Sky Device PIN and select a Age certification.

So if a program above the chosen Age rate comes, it will ask to enter the Sky Device PIN. If you want to turn off the Age restriction, you can set the access level to OFF.

What shows can you Watch from Sky Go Application,

  • Sky Atlantic – Includes shows like Chernobyl, Big Little Lies, etc.
  • Sky One – Includes shows like The Simpsons, A League Of Their Own, Modern Family, etc.
  • Sky Sports – Keeps you updated with the latest latest Sports Premier League, EFL, England cricket, etc (Needs Sky Sports subscription).
  • Sky Cinema – Film 4 and other movie channels for watching hit movies (Sky Cinema subscription required).

Sky Go App provides enhanced accessibility and better navigation for people who are visually impaired. With the voice over option, the user can get the description of every program. The user can also enlarge the font size along with color inversion option.

This App makes the user experience much simpler and user-friendly by combining Sky Q app features in one single application making it more sophisticated and usable.

Sky Go App will become a very helpful application for Sky TV users bringing what they love to watch into their hands!

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