Walmart Card for Rewards on every Purchase

Walmart Rewards Card

Walmart Rewards is a program run by Walmart for their customers to get rewards on shopping. Walmart partnered with Capital One to run the MasterCard rewards card program. The Walmart will provide 5% rewards during the first 12 months of purchase for Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.

To pay at Walmart through your phone, you can use Walmart Pay which helps to scan QR code at Walmart store and helps to check out easily. The Walmart App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

How Walmart Card helps you to Save Money

Walmart Rewards offer 5% reward points on Grocery Pickup and Delivery, 2% on purchases from Walmart stores, Walmart & Murphy USA Fuel Stations, Restaurant bills and travel booking. For all other places where MasterCard is accepted, they offers 1% reward point.

There is no expiry for the reward points, but will lose when you close the account if the points are not redeemed. If Capital One Walmart Rewards Card did not approve, they will automatically approve you with Walmart Rewards Card for using at Walmart.

Walmart offers unlimited rewards on Purchases which includes pickup & delivery. The Reward points can also earned when you place the order from or Walmart App and make the payment in Walmart store.

There is no Annual maintenance fee for both rewards card. Before applying for Walmart Rewards card, it is required to read the Terms & Conditions of Capital One and Walmart. The actual amount of the reward points will depend on credit limit and purchase activity.

The Capital One Walmart Rewards card can also be used to Quick Cash and Balance Transfer. The Annual Percentage Rate is 26.99% for Purchases and Quick Cash and the balance transfer fee is 3%.

You have to pay previous balance in full before the due date to avoid interest. The due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. The penalty for late payment can be up to $39. The Walmart Rewards Card cannot be used for cash advances and transfers.

Walmart Rewards can be redeemed through Four ways

  1. Use Reward points during Purchases at Walmart Stores.
  2. Rewards for Statement Credit.
  3. Purchase Gift Cards from Walmart Stores and other Retailers.
  4. Flight Booking and Hotel Reservation.

You need to create a Capital One online account to manage your rewards card and balance from Capital One – click here or Capital One mobile app.

By paying through Walmart App, the bills can be easily saved to your device and can track the details of purchase. The Walmart Pay is secure and the transactions are done through best encryption methods.

The redemption of Reward points can be done by specifying the number of points for redemption towards the purchase. The requested points will be deducted from your rewards balance and credited to your account which can then use for the purchase.

The Walmart will sent alerts on every activities and transactions done on your card. You need to update your phone number and e-mail address to receive these alerts and notifications.

The Walmart App helps to lock your card and prevent unauthorized transactions and easily unlocked for making transactions. Even if your card is lost and some unknown used your card without your knowledge, you can claim Fraud Liability to protect you from loosing your money.

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