Read and Write Stories with Wattpad Story telling Platform

Wattpad, a story telling application where the Readers and Writers interacted with in a single platform. For using Wattpad, the user needs to be 13 years or older.

Wattpad for Readers

You can find the best stories to read by searching on Wattpad using story title, username, tags, or keywords. The Filter option helps you to refine the results and provide the best story titles.

For Wattpad Readers, the Library is where you can see all the updates on your favorite stories and helps you to discover new reading lists. If you add a story to the library, you will then receive notification when there is an update on that story. If you do not want the notification, you can archive the story.

The Reading settings helps you to change the background font color, type, size and screen brightness. The dark mode helps to read stories during Night or in Low light conditions.

You can follow other Wattpadders to get up to date updates on their activities. By doing so, you can interact with them publicly or privately. If you want to publicly list your favorite stories, you can add them to the Reading list.

The Wattpad Ambassadors program is a community where a group of user volunteers support general questions on Wattpad and keeps everyone up-to-date and informative. The active Ambassadors are given a badge on their profile. If you need more help about your account, you can contact the Wattpad help center.

Wattpad for Writers

You can easily start a story in Wattpad and share these stories to people around the world. To publishing a story,

  • Register Wattpad account.
  • Select create a new story from Write option.
  • Enter a title and select category for the story.
  • Click on save button to open Table of Contents.
  • Click on Untitled Part 1 and add a title for story part.
  • After Story completes, you can either save or publish.

You can also add media for the story during the above steps. Your story can be seen on your profile after you publish the story. And if you are not finished the story writing, you can select save option where you can complete the story later.

The Stories you publish must meet the Wattpad content guidelines. After publish, you can track user engagement including read count, vote count, and the number of comments on your story. It also provide demographic and other details where you can know which category people are interested for your stories.

Wattpad Premium Subscription Plans

Wattpad Premium and Premium+ are two Wattpad subscription plans available. By subscribing, the user can use Wattpad without any advertisements. You can add any number of stories to to the offline list for reading without the internet connection

You can add Wattpad themes and customize them anyway. In iOS device, the premium subscribers can share reactions where it function like inline comments. It is possible to add sticker and texts which reflects on the story section. All these features are available both subscription plans except access to paid stories which is only available for Premium+ customers.

Wattpad Premium is also used for 7 days free trial which gives all the features of premium plan. If you are not interested in the premium plan, you need to cancel the subscription before 24 hours of trial period ending. Otherwise you will be charged for the selected plan and billed on the given payment method.

The Premium users or normal users can purchase Paid stories separately. The Paid stories are available in English, Filipino, French, Spanish, German, and Indonesian language. It is possible to preview chapters of paid stories before the purchase.

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