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CIBC Banking

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services.

CIBC Credit Card

You can pay your line of credit in a number of ways. If you’re paying with your CIBC bank account, you can:

  • Complete CIBC Online Banking transfers
  • Call CIBC Telephone Banking
  • Go to a CIBC Banking Centre
  • Make a pre-authorized payment
  • Go to a CIBC ATM
  • Add your personal line of credit as a bill payee using the account number

If you’re paying with an account from another financial institution, you can:

  • Send yourself an Email Money Transfer (EMT) and deposit the funds into your CIBC line of credit
  • Make a pre-authorized payment
  • Add your personal line of credit as a bill payee using the account number
  • Go to a CIBC Banking Centre

If you can no longer access your CIBC line of credit through online or mobile banking, you can:

  • Go to a CIBC Banking Centre
  • Add your line of credit as a bill payee using the account number

CIBC need to receive and process your payment before the balance showing in your account can be updated. This may take 3 to 5 business days depending on your payment method.

For example, if you make a payment from a CIBC account by transfer or bill payment, it could take up to 3 business days before the balance is updated. If you make a payment from a non-CIBC account or by cash or cheque, it could take up to 5 business days before the balance is updated.

Each billing cycle, you need to pay at least the minimum amount towards your outstanding credit card balance by the due date. This would keep your interest charges under control and your credit score healthy.

If you can pay more than the minimum amount each month, your interest charges won’t be as high as they are calculated on balances carried over month to month. If you think you’re going to miss a payment, tell your lender as soon as possible. They’ll help you make a plan to keep your account in good standing.

A debt consolidation loan through a credit counsellor is available to help clients who are going through financial hardship by consolidating their CIBC debt into one loan. This type of loan is ideal for clients who are looking to get out of debt, but may or may not have the best payment history or credit. CIBC has a special debt consolidation loan for clients struggling to make their required payments.

CIBC creditor insurance can help you reduce your balance in the event of death or critical illness. In other cases, it can make payments in the event of disability or job loss. Including insurance as part of your overall financial plan can help lighten the burden of payments for you and your family should the unexpected happen. To find out what coverage you might have, call the number on the back of your card or visit Insurance at CIBC.

CIBC Transfer Money Abroad

Transfer money to over 120 countries including India, the Philippines, China and the United States. Go to CIBC Online Banking® or use the CIBC Mobile Banking® App. There are many ways to send money to friends and family abroad using CIBC Global Money Transfer.

Send money directly to almost any Visa Debit or Visa credit card in more than 80 countries.

  • Send money with no transfer fee1 to more than 120 countries
  • Transfer as little as $100 and up to $30,000 at a time
  • Use CIBC Online or Mobile Banking to send money at competitive exchange rates
  • It’s easy and secure, and the money will arrive in as little as one business day

Get Global Money Transfer exchange rates in real-time and set up rate alerts using the new Remi BetaBot on Facebook Messenger. Refer a friend and you both get a $50 credit when they complete a CIBC Global Money Transfer for the first time2. The more you share, the more you can earn.

Your monthly credit card statement shows the current annual interest rate for purchases that applies to your account. CIBC doesn’t charge interest on Global Money Transfers that appear on your credit card statement if we receive the full payment for the amount due by the payment due date. If you converted your Global Money Transfer into an Installment Plan during that statement period, you need to pay the full balance by the due date to avoid interest.

Your recipient will receive the funds in his or her local currency. Some countries may convert the funds into a different currency; conversion fees may apply. Your recipient can confirm the currency with their bank.

CIBC’s rates are based on live inter-bank foreign exchange rates for all Global Money Transfers. You’ll receive accurate, real-time pricing every time you send money.

Your CIBC account information includes:

Branch transit number
This is the 5-digit number that identifies your home CIBC Banking Centre.

Institution number
Every financial institution in Canada has its own unique 3-digit number. The institution number (bank number) for CIBC is 010.

Bank account number
This is a 7-digit number that’s used to refer to one of your unique deposit or Personal Line of Credit accounts.

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