Paypal Account for Safe and Secure Money Transfer

Paypal Money Transfer

PayPal is the largest online payment processors operating around the world. Paypal helps you to send money, pay in different websites and accept payment. The Paypal Individual Account helpful for individual use and Business Account is ideal for sellers, freelancers…

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Boost Collaboration and Communication with Kids using Google Classroom

Google ClassRoom Managment

Classroom is a place where children can learn lot of things. They can think of their future and decide their goals accordingly and try hard to achieve them. School classrooms were the place where children used to have fun, learn…

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Identify unknown Songs using Shazam Music Discovery

Shazam Music Discovery

Shazam is a music discovery app available for Android and Apple devices. It’s main feature is that it identify the music that is playing near you. Not only song identification, Shazam can show the lyrics of that song along with…

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Find Unique Filters, Special Effects, and Stickers on Likee App

Likee Create Short Videos

We all, at some point in our lives may come across with videos that mesmerized us and sat to think of the special effects and transitions of the Video. Ever thought of making videos that could make us look cool…

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Better Learning Experience with Aula

Aula App

Learning is an experience, which sets out the principles of learning into a community building exercise among the Teachers and Students. Technology has sets out various systems in order to transform the traditional learning into an experiential format. However, the…

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Waze makes Anywhere Navigation Simple and Easy

Waze Navigation

Waze Navigation App shows the way to destination in simpler way. It includes more details of traffic and location properties. Waze works by information given by drivers and other riders around the location. It shows relevant and informative details of…

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